Steinstrasse 3: Haidhauser Architectural Jewel


The Heisig and Heisig real estate company bought this delightful house at Steinstrasse 3 in 2004. From 2009 – 2010 the building was renovated and converted into high standard freehold flats.


The charming house was built in the middle of the nineteenth century and is situated in the immediate vicinity of the Wiener Platz. This Haidhausen jewel includes four spacious flats on separate floors of 100 – 170 square metres and a shop on the ground floor. The attic was converted into an upmarket flat with lift. In the course of the renovation its stylistic elements were preserved, taking into account the demands of modern living conditions. The original front door was reconstructed and the original late classicistic façade given its original colour.

The attic floor maisonette flat is the centrepiece of Steinstrasse 3. A luxurious flair and the spacial effect of a studio are combined on two levels. The light and airy rooms give it the character of a loft flat. The apartment’s most exclusive characteristic is the panorama glass roof. It can be partially opened and gives an occupant the feeling he can reach for the sky.

There is a sun shade on the outside of the windows, activated at the touch of a button. An integrated rain sensor closes the window automatically at the start of a downpour. In addition to the extraordinary light on both floors, the construction of the unsupported roof was made at the steepest angle possible. The intention was to give the rooms as much height as possible and allow as much open space as possible for furnishing the upper level.


In order to realise these ideas, the choice of builders and the materials used were of central importance. Solid oak flooring, a wrought iron staircase and floor level windows were installed. Doors to the terrace were constructed in four leaves, which can be folded away, so that inside and outside melt into one room, creating a unique flair in this exclusive location.




Built in 1850 / 60

Architectural style: late classicistic

District: Haidhausen

Residential units: 4

Commercial unit: 1