The breed originates from a mountain region in the South of Auvergne in the South-West of France and stands out for its robustness, adaptability, longevity, frugality and fertility.


The coat ranges in its coloring from red-brown and wheaten to greyish white.

The chest of the bull is virtually black. The mucous membranes, the horn tips, the claws and the tail switch are typically black. The muzzle and the eyes are lined with a white border (“floury muzzle”)

Heisig & Heisig Bio-Aubrac cattle farming



At the Reiter farm in Irschenberg, the business and private address of the brothers and their families, Heisig & Heisig breeds organic Aubrac cattle with suckler cows. Here you can order the best quality organic beef from Aubrac cattle directly from the breeder.


High ethical standards concerning the welfare of the animals are the focal point:

• species-appropriate animal rearing in a natural herd

• Feeding exclusively with grass, silage and haylage from their own meadows

• stress-free slaughter by rifle shot on the pasture

No animal transports

No de-horning


The farm participates in European initiatives for the protection of the agricultural environment and the climate and the conservation of cultural landscapes.