The Commission for Urban Design welcomes the concept designed by the architects "Hilmer Sattler Architekten Ahlers Albrecht" for the new building.

May 17th, 2019



The construction of the new building at Baaderstraße 86-90 is proceeding according to plan. The shell of the building should be completed by Dec. 2019.


May 21th, 2019

Purchase of a commercial property in Baierbrunn


The Heisig & Heisig Group has acquired a commercial property in Baierbrunn in the southern district of Munich.

The property consists of workshops, exhibition and office space as well as storage space. The total rental area is approx. 8,011 m².

December 2019 


The building shell of Baaderstrasse 86-90 was completed as planned in December 2019.

Interior construction Baaderstraße 86-90


The completion of the inner building is scheduled for the end of October 2020.