Built in 1828

Architectural style: Neorenaissance

Master builder: Josef Höchl (1777-1838)

District: Lehel

Residential units: 10


façade prize 2015



The building renovated by Heisig and Heisig in 2004 has been awarded the City of Munich 2015 façade prize.


The city council of  Munich, Bavaria’s capital, determined on 11th November the façade awards and honorary mentions for 2015, adopting the proposals of the honorary commission nominated for the competition.




The construction of the building in 1828 took place in a period, when Munich was developing into one of the glowing examples of classicistic cities. Josef Höchl, one of the most influential Munich building contractors of the period, was influenced by the palace buildings of the early Italian renaissance. Unfortunately, this elaborate façade was lost through the renovation of war damage.


In the course of the development of the attic floor, the rusticated stucco façade was restored exactly according to the original plans and old photographs. In the course of this process the shop windows on the ground floor were reconstructed. On the second and third floors the façade was once again structured with pilasters and topped with a cornice. In accordance with research, a grey-green coat of paintwas decided on.  The old four-paned windows were partially replaced by newly constructed ones. The exceptional renovation has returned the house at Christophstrasse 2 to its original status and shows it to full advantage.



Façade Prize Awards 2015 - Appraisals